Public Utilities

The City of Moore has 273 miles of water line, 34 active water wells, 5 water towers, one ground storage pump station, 3,200 fire hydrants, and three water booster stations.

Water Quality

The City of Moore continually tests the quality of the drinking water that we produce. In addition, we are required to submit an official report to the State on an annual basis. Questions should be directed to Veolia Water at (405) 793-5080. Here is the City of Moore's current Water Quality Report .

Water Leaks & Water Outages

Should you see water leaking from a water meter box, spouting up in the street or have a water outage please call the After Hours Water & Sewer Line at (405) 793-5080  24 hours a day.


Our water maintenance employees must be trained and licensed by the Oklahoma State Department of Health prior to working our water system. Employees must pass exams covering math, chemistry and state regulations; public health and safety are also major topics.