Sewer Issues

CALL AHEAD! Call us 24 hours a day at (405) 793-5080 whenever you have signs of a developing backup. We’re on duty around the clock; working together, we can prevent most sewer backups. Signs of blockage include:

•Slow Draining Sinks
•Wastewater backflow
•Continuous Sewage Smell

If there’s a problem with the City line, we should be able to fix it before sewage backs up into your house. If your private line is blocked, we’ll tell you so you can get it fixed.

Be sure your home owner’s insurance policy covers damage due to a sewer backup. Even if a backup is due to a blocked City main, the City may not be allowed to pay for damages.

Under State law, cities are liable for sewer main backup damage only if there has been prior notice and time to fix the problem. Although City crews can help clean up the immediate mess, home owners – not the City – must pay for replacing carpets, furniture and repairs. Another sewer backup safeguard is to install a check valve. This simple device keeps wastewater from flowing back up your private line into your home. (Check valves are now required on some newer homes).