Standard Burial Lot: $1,200 (standard burial or cremation)

Double Interment: $1,800
(1 Standard Burial & Cremation Burial or 2 Cremation Burials)

Grave Marking: $125
(can be pre-paid or paid prior to interment)

Monument Marking: $50

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Contracts are available for 1/5th down and 1/5th paid annually over the next 4 years. Purchaser must agree that failure to make any of the payments prescribed in the contract will result in the lot being reverted to the City, the City may offer and sell to a subsequent purchaser, and all monies paid to the City shall be retained by the City.

Cemetery Regulations

The City of Moore Cemetery is not responsible for any decorations placed in the cemetery.

The ONLY permitted decorations are flowers in vases, attached to the monument, or flower arrangements in saddles attached to the top of the monument. American flags are permitted the week of Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Veterans Day.

Sec. 11-307 
No deed for any lot shall be issued, no grave marked, and no monument or marker shall be set, located, or placed until the fee or charge has been paid in full.

Sec 11-310 Removal Of Flowers And Decorative Items

  1. It is unlawful for any person to remove flowers from a vase or a saddle attached to the monument other than by the persons placing such flowers or by a designated city employee.
  2. Items such as glass jars, cans, or other containers used on the premises for the holding of floral bouquets, candles, or mementos are prohibited.
  3. During the first full week (Sunday through Saturday) of every month, the City will remove all items on the ground or around the monument base that may cause maintenance problems. Prohibited items, such as rocks, metal rods, wire stakes, fencing, ornaments, glass containers, or any other similar items will be removed at this time. In addition to this monthly removal of items, twice per year, in February and in August, while performing the monthly clean-up, the City will also remove all flowers from vases and saddles.

1.  A complete sweep of the city-owned cemeteries is done the first full week of FEBRUARY and the first full week of AUGUST. ALL FLOWERS and decorations will be removed from vases and monuments.  Be sure to collect prior to the sweep if you choose.

2.  Items placed on the ground or around the monument base that may cause maintenance problems will be removed during the first week of every month. 

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The City of Moore operates two cemeteries:

  • Smith Cemetery
    located at 34th and Telephone Rd.
  • Moore Cemetery
    located on 4th Street west of Telephone Rd.

The cemeteries are both over 100 years old, some of the grave sites dating back to the 1800’s with a few birth dates dating back to the 1700’s.

The City Clerk’s office sells the lots, issues deeds, and works with various funeral homes and monument companies regarding pending funerals and monument sets. The City Clerk’s office also issues work orders and maintains all records relating to both cemeteries.

The Smith Cemetery is a two-acre cemetery and currently has no lots available. Future growth is not anticipated. In recent years there has been many improvements to the look of the cemetery. A new fence has been installed, a paved road through the cemetery has been added, and new landscaping was planted.

In 1997 the City of Moore purchased additional land for the development of the Moore Cemetery. The City has made numerous improvements to the cemetery. A gazebo was added, new sidewalks were completed, lighting has been added in certain areas, a new road and landscaping was installed adding covered seating to the older area of the property as well as additional landscaping, park benches, and statues.