Court Fine & Bond Schedule

Below is our Bond Schedule and list of bondsmen that are accepted to write bonds with the City of Moore. If you have any questions please contact us at 405-793-5040.

rev. 08/18/23
Connie Allbritton 405-321-0577
Kimberly Ligons 405-321-0900
Rodney Floyd 405-505-0603
Jennifer Floyd 405-403-3811
Lacey Griffith 405-321-2235
Courtney Colbert 405-862-6929
Gregory Tyler 405-205-0603
Lily Moddy 405-889-2663
Collin Allbritton 405-321-0577
Rebekah Rodgers 405-321-0577
Jared Cogburn 405-808-5595
Iris Lawson 405-527-9999
Howard Barnett 405-677-7750
Theresa Markcum 405-632-8888
Elizabeth Doolin 405-641-0213

About Municipal Court

The Municipal Court of Moore is the Judicial Branch of the City of Moore and is created by state law and city ordinance as a court not of record to impartially hear violations of city ordinances. The court clerk office processes misdemeanor traffic and all non-traffic offenses. Charges can be filed by police officers, other city officials such as code enforcement, animal welfare, fire personnel, and citizens of the community. The maximum penalty in Municipal Court is $800.

The Mayor and City Council appoint the Presiding, Associate, and Acting Judges. The Court Administrator serves as the Department Head and Chief Administrative Officer of the Court and supervises all non-judicial divisions.

The Municipal Court is staffed by the Court Administrator and 3 Deputy Clerks who serve on a full time basis. This department provides support to the Judicial Division of the Court and is responsible for all docketing of cases, record keeping of cases filed, and related reports. This department also assists in the recording the proceedings of the Court and in preparing writs, processes and other papers as required by the court. This division gives receipts for all fines, and fees payable to the Court, deposits the fines with the Finance Department.

The Municipal Court endeavors to present an image to the citizens of Moore, in substance as well as form, which is reflective of judicial court at its best. This Court is committed to the proposition that its function is to see equal justice provided to all. The court is dedicated to protecting the rights of the individual citizen accused of a violation, yet, upon conviction assessing a penalty which will deter the offender from similar conduct, therefore acting for the welfare of the entire community.

The Moore Municipal Court is located in the Public Safety Center at Main Street and Broadway Ave. Hours are 8:00 am– 5:00 pm Monday to Friday.