Our Emergency Management Department works to mitigate, plan and prepare for, respond to, and recover from the various emergencies and disasters that affect our City. We utilize an all-hazards approach, focusing on the various emergency functions that need performed in time of trouble. Our work includes:

  • Identification and analysis of the hazards in our City
  • Work to eliminate the hazards or lessen their effects
  • Development of Emergency Operations Plans that guide our overall citywide response to emergencies that occur
  • Identification of assets and resources that can be used in the mitigation, response, and recovery efforts
  • Rapid response to the disaster needs of our community, in an attempt to quickly return our lives to normal

Emergency Operations and Hazard Mitigation Plans
The City maintains two emergency planning documents.  The Hazard Mitigation Plan identifies various natural hazards that could impact Moore and/or the Moore Public Schools, and potential means to eliminate the hazard or reduce its potential effects. The Emergency Operations Plan is a guide to how the City of Moore conducts all-hazards emergency response, describing specific authorities and best practices for managing incidents that range from the serious but purely local, to large-scale terrorist attacks or catastrophic natural disasters.

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