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City Council

The City of Moore is governed by a council-manager form of government.

The City Council consists of Mayor, who is elected at-large, and six council members, who are elected from three wards (districts) of the City. The Mayor is head of the city government for all ceremonial purposes, and should the need arise, is the government head for purposes of military law. He has no regular administrative duties other than in signing written obligations of the City as the Council may require.

Council Members also make up the Public Works Authority, Risk Management Board and Economic Development Authority.

Except as otherwise noted in the City Charter, all powers of the City are vested in the City Council. Among other things, the Council has power:

  • To appoint and remove the City Manager;
  • By ordinance to enact municipal legislation;
  • To raise revenue and make appropriations, and to regulate bond elections, the issuance of bonds, sinking funds, refunding indebtedness, salaries and wages, and all other fiscal affairs of the city;
  • To inquire into the conduct of any office, department, or agency of the city government, and investigate municipal affairs;
  • To appoint, elect, or remove members of the Personnel Board, Planning Commission, Board of Adjustment, and other quasi-legislative, quasi-judicial, or advisory officers and authorities;
  • To grant pardons for violations of the charter and ordinances, including the remission of fines and costs;
  • To regulate elections, the initiative and referendum, and recall;
  • To regulate the organization, powers, duties, and functions of the municipal court;
  • To create, change, and abolish all offices, departments, and agencies of the city government other than those created by the City Charter, and to assign additional powers, duties, and functions to those created by the Charter.

City Wards

The City of Moore is divided into three wards for purposes of City Council representation. The wards are redistricted ("redrawn") every ten years after the Federal census, with the intent to provide as equal representation by population as possible.

If you need assistance determining the location of your home by ward please contact the City Managers office at 405-793-5200.

Please click the link below to see a dynamic map of the new wards with Population Totals included.

New Wards With Population Total


Glenn Lewis, Mayor

Glenn Lewis has served as Moore’s nonpartisan mayor since 1994. Over the years, Lewis has watched the city’s budget grow from $18 million to $150 million. Its population has skyrocketed and the city has also experienced a wave of new construction for homes and businesses. While there have been many successes, there’s also been heartbreak. Moore has been hit by four tornadoes since 1999, all with Lewis at the helm. Each time, he’s responded, mourned and helped his city come back stronger. In July 2013, he was named “Mayor of the Month” by the City Mayors Foundation for his leadership after the May 20th tornado. Lewis is a long-time businessman who owns Lewis Jewelers in Moore. He and his wife Pam have lived in Moore since 1962. Mayor Lewis' current term expires in April of 2024.

Adam Webb, Ward 1 Council Member

Adam Webb was elected to the Moore City Council in March 2016. He was sworn in on April 18th, 2016. Council Member Webb's current term expires in April of 2024.

Danielle McKenzie, Ward 1 Council Member

Danielle has grown up in the City of Moore. She was a student at Moore Public Schools and a graduate of Moore High School. She attended the University of Oklahoma where she completed her bachelors and masters degree. Danielle is married to Steve McKenzie, also from Moore, and they have chosen to raise their two boys Alec and Ashton in the same community they both love.

Danielle believes in the power of volunteering. Being involved in local government and volunteer organizations gives each of us the chance to make an immediate and meaning difference in the lives of others. In 2013, Danielle began serving on the Planning Commission, then in 2016, joined the City Council to represent Ward 1. She has also volunteered in a number of ways with PTA and her local Home Owners’ Association.

Over the last five years, Danielle has worked on committees and town halls to effect change on the SW 17th and Janeway Project, the Old Town master plan, the design and implementation of Old Town Park, the 34th St. bridge design, among others, while working to improve our community as a premiere place to live, to targeting communication with citizens to ensure the needs of our community are addressed. Council Member McKenzie's current term expires in April of 2021.

Mark Hamm, Ward 2 Council Member

Mark Hamm was elected to the Moore City Council in March 2012. He was sworn in on April 16th, 2012. Council Member Hamm's current term expires in April of 2024.

Melissa Hunt, Ward 2 Council Member

Melissa Hunt was sworn in on January 5th, 2015. Council Member Hunt's current term expires in April of 2021.

Jason Blair, Ward 3 Council member

Jason Blair has served on the Moore City Council since May 2009. Council Member Blair's current term expires in April of 2021.

Louie Williams, Ward 3 Council Member

Louie Williams was sworn in on February 20th, 2018. Council Member Williams' current term expires in April of 2024.