Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)

Our Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) is a guide to how the City of Moore conducts all-hazards emergency response.  It describes specific authorities and best practices for managing incidents that range from the serious but purely local, to large-scale terrorist attacks or catastrophic natural disasters.

This EOP is part of a comprehensive all-hazards emergency management program for the City of Moore. The overall program seeks to identify hazards to the City; take measures to mitigate their effects; prepare for measures to be taken by individuals, organizations, and responders which will preserve life and minimize damage; enhance response during emergencies and provide necessary assistance; and establish recovery systems in order to return the City to its normal state of affairs.

The document begins with the "Basic Plan," which provides an overview of our emergency management system, including our preparedness and response strategies. It is then augmented with numerous functional annexes which focus on specific missions. These annexes describe the organizations that support the function; their actions, roles and responsibilities; and the resources, capabilities and authorities that each organization brings to the response. Our functional annexes include the following topics/missions:

  • Direction and Control
  • Communications
  • Alert and Warning
  • Emergency Public Information
  • Evacuation / Sheltering-in-Place
  • Mass Care
  • Health and Medical
  • Law Enforcement
  • Public Works
  • Fire and Rescue
  • Resource Management
  • Damage Assessment

The Basic Plan and each annex is organized in a similar manner:

  • Purpose
  • Situation and Assumptions
  • Concept of Operations
  • Task Organization and Responsibilities
  • Direction and Control
  • Continuity of Government
  • Administration and Logistics
  • Plan Development and Maintenance
  • Authority and References
  • Appendices

The Emergency Management Department facilitates an annual review and update to the EOP; updates are presented to and approved by the City Council.