Hazard Mitigation Plan

The City of Moore and Moore Public Schools have completed the five-year update to our Hazard Mitigation Plan. The final Plan as approved by FEMA may be found here:

This Plan serves to identify the hazards that impact our City and Schools, and then to suggest actions and/or activities that will reduce any losses from those hazards.

In addition to the planning value of the document to our community, approved and adopted Hazard Mitigation Plans are required by FEMA in order to be eligible to apply for a variety of Federal grants related to the reduction of hazard impacts.

Please note that the FEMA requirements for these plans are inclusive only of natural hazards; however in Moore we take an "all-hazards" approach to all of our emergency management efforts. Therefore we have attempted to identify all hazards that might affect us in this Plan; however, we have not (in this planning cycle) added "action items" associated with manmade and technological hazards.

Comments may be submitted via email to [email protected], or by calling the City's Emergency Management Department at 405-793-5062.