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UPDATE: As of 09/25, This project is projected to be completed in the February 2024 timeframe, weather permitting.  The original schedule was to be completed by the end of November '23.  The project has been delayed because of underground utilities in the way of construction of the road bed. Both ONG and AT&T had indicated that their utilities were clear and free of the construction area.  Unfortunately, that was not the case.  The roadway contractor has been placed on hold in several areas of the project awaiting relocation of AT&T and ONG utilities.  Both utilities have indicated that they are close to completion of relocation of their utilities. 
UPDATE: As of 05/18/23, additional utility relocations are necessary to allow for road construction work to resume. Intermittent utility relocation will continue to occur as necessary. 

Additional project on Eastern from SE 4th to NE 9th, where it will tie into the NE 12th street project, is forthcoming. 

Turner Ave widening and reconstruction project began April 15th of 2022 with the improvements to the drainage system and the addition of a concrete box structure. Turner Ave road work will consist of a new concrete street section with bike lanes in each direction and sidewalks on each side of the street. This project also includes water and sewer improvements which have already been completed. This project must take place in order to provide adequate detour options once 4th Street closes for the underpass construction.

For more information about the project: 4th St Railroad Underpass Project

Expansion Project will commence the beginning of 2023 with expected completion in 14 months.

New Additions include:

  • Two Activity Rooms
  • Two Group Exercise Rooms
  • Small Entry
  • Restrooms

Fitness Floor Expansion

  • Group Exercise rooms on second floor will expand to allow more free-weight and cardio exercise equipment.

Child Watch Expansion

  • Child Watch will expand into the Activity Room and accommodate an additional 25 children.

Floor plan of Station Expansion.

In November of 2020, voters approved extending the existing ¼ cent sales tax for the purposes of capital improvements for the acquisition, construction, equipping, and/or remodeling existing Parks and Rec facilities and the Public Works facilities; to become effective April 1, 2021 and terminate March 31, 2025 (4 years).

Voted on in 2021, visit  2021 GO Bond Election for progress updates. Currently under construction just south of the 34th street bridge; east of I-35.

In the final months of a year-long construction project, the bulk of construction for the SE lift station is expected to be completed by late summer of 2022. A separate project installing a gravity flow sewer line to transfer wastewater from the old 34th St. lift station to the new SE lift station. This should be completed by end of 2023.

Ward 1

Kelsi Dr. (SE 5th to SE 11th) Concrete $1,707,275 COMPLETED
Timber Creek Way (SE 38th to SE 41st) Concrete $596,500 COMPLETED
Total Ward 1 Costs   $2,303,775

Ward 2

Nottingham Way (NW 27th to NW 23rd) Concrete $1,320,838 COMPLETED
Hillcrest Dr. (Cass Ave. to NW 27th ) Concrete $1,274,118 COMPLETED
Total Ward 2 Costs   $2,594,956

Ward 3

W. Main St. (Norman to Markwell) Concrete $889,588 COMPLETED
SW 27th St. (I-35 Serv Rd to end of Cul-de-Sac) Concrete $1,085,250 COMPLETED
Classen Ave (SW 4th St. to N. of SW 3rd) Concrete $576,931 COMPLETED
Total Ward 3 Costs   $2,551,769

Total Costs

Total Cost of Residential Improvements $7,450,500
Total Cost of Arterial Project Designs $1,189,500
Total Cost of Program $8,640,000

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