City Projects

Beginning Wednesday, May 22, 2024, Bryant Ave will be closed from Parkway Dr to SE 4th St. This will be about a 30 day road closure, weather permitting. This will be a construction of drainage improvemnets on the east side of Bryant Ave.

Beginning Monday, May 20th, a striping and pavement marking project will begin on S. 19th St. from Santa Fe Ave. east to Kirby Dr. including all intersections.  The work will take approximately three weeks to complete weather permitting.  The contractor will be working between the hours of 8:00 pm and 6:00 am Monday thru Friday.  The Striping and Pavement Marking Contractor will be Action Safety.  This is an ODOT Grant funded project.

There will be four other sub-projects under this Striping and Pavement Marking Project.  They consist of the following areas:

Telephone Rd. from SW 19th St. to SW 4th St.
Eastern Ave. from NE 12th St. to NE 27th St.
Main St. from I-35 Service Rd. to Eastern Ave.
Shields Blvd. from N. Moore Ave. north to the City Limits

Starting, Tuesday, May 7, S. Bryant Ave from S.E. 34th St to S. Broadway Ave will be under construction for approximately 45-60 days, weather permitting. This will be a total reconstruction and rebuild but not a street widening. The street will not be closed however, the construction company will have a flag crew on site managing traffic around the construction.

Starting, Tuesday, April 30, SW 34th St from the railroad tracks east to Broadway will be under construction for approximately 2 weeks, weather permitting. The street will not be closed however, the construction company will have a flag crew on site managing traffic around the construction.

The City's Contractor, Silver Star Construction, is making improvements to the drainage channel that runs parallel to the east side of Bryant Ave. and runs adjacent to the back yards of a couple of homes located in the corner of S. Wyndemere Springs and SE 3rd St.  The channel erosion is causing damage to the east side of Bryant as well as getting close to the property of those couple of backyards.  The best way to make the improvements to the east side of the channel is to access the channel from SE 4th St. just east of the channel.  Because of the hill from the entrance at Wyndemere Blvd. to Bryant Ave there is a sight distance problem that requires moving the outside westbound lane over to the inside lane to protect both the construction vehicles going in and out of the construction entrance as well as the public traffic traveling westbound on SE 4th St.

The contract time for the project is 180 days not including any weather delay days.  It is anticipated that the work on the channel will last approximately two months.  Again, depending on weather, the traffic control described above on SE 4th from Wyndemere Blvd. to Bryant will be during the daytime hours (7:00am to 5:30pm).

The remaining 4 months of the project will require traffic control on Bryant Ave from SE 4th St to Parkway Drive while Bryant Ave is reconstructed and the west side of the channel is constructed in that area.

Turner Ave widening and reconstruction project began April 15th of 2022 with the improvements to the drainage system and the addition of a concrete box structure. Turner Ave road consists of a new concrete street section with bike lanes in each direction and sidewalks on each side of the street. This project also includes water and sewer improvements. The completion of this project provides adequate detour options once 4th Street closes for the underpass construction.

For more information about the project: 4th St Railroad Underpass Project

Opening Spring 2024 
Construction of concrete flatwork, site signage, and the purchase and installation of benches and tables. We will be adding a shelter, granite walks and edge restraints, trees, and landscape beds.  This will be funded by a grant the Oklahoma Recreational Trails Grant for 80% to 20% city match that the City received.  

UPDATE: This project is projected to be completed in the First Quarter of 2024 timeframe, weather permitting.  The original schedule was to be completed by the end of November '23.  The project has been delayed because of underground utilities in the way of construction of the road bed. Both ONG and AT&T had indicated that their utilities were clear and free of the construction area.  Unfortunately, that was not the case.  The roadway contractor has been placed on hold in several areas of the project awaiting relocation of AT&T and ONG utilities.  Both utilities have indicated that they are close to completion of relocation of their utilities. 
UPDATE: As of 05/18/23, additional utility relocations are necessary to allow for road construction work to resume. Intermittent utility relocation will continue to occur as necessary. 

Additional project on Eastern from SE 4th to NE 9th, where it will tie into the NE 12th street project, is forthcoming. 

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