Police Reports

The Moore Police Department offers Crashdocs.org, a web portal that allows the public to download and print a copy of their accident report. The cost of a report is $1 and will be available within 5 to 7 business days from the accident date.

If additional information is needed, contact Records Division at 405-793-5134. 117 E. Main St., Moore, OK 73160, Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm (excluding holidays)

You may also request of copy of your accident report, as well as other public records, from the Records Division.

Crime Mapping Tool

Community Crime Map works with the Moore Police Department to help reduce, prevent and solve crime by enabling officials to easily open and manage a controlled dialog with citizens. You will find an online family of crime fighting tools including a public crime map, alert messaging, anonymous tipping and data analytics.

To see a public crime map for Moore click here.

Property Loss Form

Your case will be assigned to a Detective for follow up based upon specific facts obtained during the initial investigations. Studies have shown that the presence of these facts can predict whether a detailed follow up investigation would likely result in the arrest and prosecution of the suspect(s) or the recovery of property in a manner that is cost effective to you, the taxpayer. It is impossible for Detectives to personally discuss each and every case with all victims. A Detective will not routinely call unless the Detective requires additional information.

If you have additional facts which would assist in the investigation of your case, please contact the Detective Unit by either mail, email at [email protected] , or call the Detectives Department at 405-793-5151.

If you are needing to provide additional property to your report, please use the Property Loss Form.

rev. 01/9/21