The Code Enforcement Division works to reduce neighborhood nuisances and residential detrition within the city. Typical violations include overgrown grass and weeds more than 12 inches in height, trash and debris, illegal parking in the yard, and non-operative vehicles.

Citizens can report a violation by calling 405-793-5052, or by Reporting an Issue

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Code Enforcement

The answer here can be multifaceted. It is usually that the times for remedy given to a property owner can vary based on the violation, though, 10 days is the most common. However, if the property owner reaches out to us and needs some extra time, and the violation is not an immediate public health hazard, we will generally agree on a revised time frame for the violation to be taken care of. Another issue we run into is that our contractors are backed up due to heavier than normal workloads. This happens with less frequency, but it does happen occasionally and can slow down the abatement process. One more reason is that citations were written and the alleged violator wants their day in court. This is the right of each resident the Code Enforcement officer(s) issued citations to. In this situation, we will usually have to wait on the court date and ruling by a judge before further action is taken, although, this is not the case every time, it does happen regularly.

These can be paid at the Court Clerk’s office.
Municipal Court 
101 E. Main Street
Moore, OK 73160

Fax: 405-793-5246

The area by your neighborhood may have zoning that is agricultural. This usually means that high grass, illegal parking, etc. may not be violations on that property. There are some circumstances that this does not hold true, however. If the property is not used for the cultivation of vegetation for human or animal consumption, or any other type of agricultural uses, the property can be posted for and abated as though it were not zoned in that way.

Yes, you could use the above-mentioned means of reporting something. We take anonymity seriously in our department and understand that these are your neighbors that you live by and that you do not wish to have any type of conflict with them. However, if you use the online avenue, you will need a valid email address to submit a concern. This is only for our office use, so we can update you on the status of an issue if applicable.

You may call and speak to someone in the Code Enforcement department who can help you. You may also come by City Hall located at 301 N. Broadway Ave. Moore, Ok 73160, and come to the Code Enforcement desk to pay in person. Lastly, you may, with authorization from a Code Enforcement officer, set up a payment arrangement. To do this, you would first, need the above-mentioned authorization. Then, you would need to come into City Hall to fill out a document explaining the agreement of payment. Finally, you would be able to make payments in person or via phone.