Risk Management

The Program provides for comprehensive risk management and risk reduction through a self-funded, self-insurance plan administered by the MPWA through a Risk Management Board. The Program provides an indemnity and employer’s liability plan; general liability, public officials liability, errors and omissions, police and personal injury, automobile liability and property damage plan; property and casualty plan as well as a workers’ compensation plan. The plans are for the sole use by the City of Moore and Moore Public Works Authority.

Risk Management is responsible for conducting safety training geared to the needs of the department and the investigation of all on the job injuries and accidents. The department is responsible for proper reporting of all on-the-job injuries, arranging for treatment of the injured employee, and proper reporting of all injury leave and record keeping of lost time. The department is responsible for the random drug testing program as allowed under the Cities Drug Testing Program. The department also receives and investigates all tort claims filed against the City and provides information and feedback to the City Attorney and City Manager as to the issue of liability.