Animal Welfare Fees

Dog or cat, over 4 months of age, annual tax registration fee:
$5 for altered pets (spayed/neutered)
$10 for unaltered pets
Tag replacement fee is $3

Impounding and Keeping Animals

Livestock $100.00. All other $35.00, plus actual cost, no less than $5.00 per day

Owner surrender fee (Mondays - 9:00am - Noon by appointment only) $20.00 per animal, $40.00 per litter

Adoption Fee $70.00

Vicious/Potentially vicious registration fee $100

Did you know?

If you are a City of Moore resident, your pet(s) is required to be registered with the City to show they are current on their rabies vaccine. The rabies vaccine is required by state law for all pets over the age of 4 months old and must be administered by a licensed veterinarian to be recognized legally. The rabies tag and city tag are required by law per Section 4-124 of Moore Municode to be affixed to the dog’s collar or harness at all times so it can easily be seen by officers. Cats are not required to wear the tag, but must be able to show proof of rabies and city registration upon request.

How do I register my pet with the City of Moore?

To register your pet, bring a copy of their CURRENT rabies certificate to the Moore Animal Shelter, 3500 S. I-35 Service Road, during office hours. The cost is $5.00 for each altered pet or $10.00 for each unaltered pet. Upon registering your pet you will receive a printed city license & tag for each pet. This is an annual registration, but coincides with their rabies vaccine and will expire when the rabies expires if that date comes before your annual renewal date. The process to register your pet is quick and you do not need to bring your pet with you to the shelter to register them.

WHY do we have registration for pets and what are the benefits?

Most suburban cities require pet registration by law. The City of Moore does require registration by law on all pets and citations can be issued if unwilling to comply per Section 4-122 of Moore Municode. It is the only way for us to know your pet has received & is current on their rabies vaccine. A rabies tag alone does not give us all the necessary information our officers need when they come in contact with an animal. We cannot always get in contact with the veterinarian office listed on their tag to find out if their vaccine is current or if the tag belongs to the animal wearing it. When registered, all of your information, along with your pet’s info and their vaccine info is entered into our database. This allows us to know they are compliant with city & state laws and we would have the necessary information to get them home quicker.