Celebration In the Heartland

Monday, July 4 | 2:00 - 10:00pm

Make plans to celebrate this year’s Independence Day at Celebration in the Heartland at Buck Thomas Park (1903 NE 12th Street).
The day’s events are from 2 pm until 10 pm.

Activities include: food trucks, children’s activities, vendors, barrel train., helicopter rides, inflatables, and much more 

Fireworks: Dark (approx. 9:45 pm)

For more information about Celebration in the Heartland, please call (405) 793-5090.

Vendor Information/Vendor Application 
Vendor Non-Food Beverage (10' x 20' space with electricity)  -  $100.00 

Vendor Non-Food Beverage (10' x 20' space without electricity) - $75.00 

Food and/ or Beverage Vendor (with electricity) - $175.00 (must be pre-approved by Event Coordinator) 

Kasey Dean
Sales & Special Event Coordinator
City of Moore / Parks & Recreation Dept.
700 S. Broadway, Moore, OK 73160 
Office: (405)793-5090 Fax: (405)793-5088
Email: [email protected] 

Q. How do I get to Buck Thomas Park?

A.  Buck Thomas Park is located just east of the intersection of 12th & Eastern Avenue in Moore. If traveling on I-35, please take the 12th Street exit in Moore and travel east approximately 1¾ mile. The park is located adjacent to a large water tower just off of 12th Street.

Q. Where do I park when attending an event?

A. There is parking throughout the park. This is the largest event in Moore each year and parking is very limited. It is likely you will have to park off-site. Please use good judgment when doing so and obey all public parking ordinances and rules.

Q. Is there ADA parking?

A. There is ADA parking in the park. However, due to the large number of people attending the event, there is no guarantee that spaces will be available.

Q. Do I need to buy tickets to attend the event?

A. Tickets are not required to enter the park.  There will be vendors at the park selling items and food.

Q. Can I bring food into Buck Thomas Park?

A.  You can but there are great food vendors in the park as well.

Q. May event attendees grill in the park?

A. It is permissible unless there is a State declared fire ban.  We kindly ask that cookouts be kept in the northern end of the park. There is a designated “Picnic Area” with lots of mature trees for shade.

Q. What security procedures are in place to ensure guest safety?

A. Police are patrolling the area on motorcycles and on foot. There are also firefighters and ambulance personnel on-site for medical emergencies.

Q. What concessions are available?

A. There are several concessionaires which vary in size. Available food will include: TBD

Q. Are pets allowed in the park?

A. No. For the safety of event attendees, vendors, and staff, pets are not allowed in the park. This applies even if they are on leashes. This is per City ordinance.

Q. On what day is the event going to be held on this year?

A. Our festivities will be on Monday, July 4th from 2pm-10pm.

Q. What happens if it rains or the wind is too high?

A. Should there be weather conditions that cause all or part of the event to be postponed or cancelled, the City of Moore will make every effort to reschedule for the next day.   In the event of postponements or cancellations, all local media outlets will be notified as soon as a decision is made. Please check www.cityofmoore.com as well for current information.

Q. When will the fireworks take place?

A. The fireworks will only occur on the evening of July 4th at dark (approximately 9:45 pm).

Hook:  4-6:30pm 
80z Enuf:  7-9:40pm