Proposition #1: Continuing Our Success: The Renewable 1/4 Cent for Public Safety and Parks

Proposed Projects (Proposition #1)

The Moore City Council unanimously voted to place a proposition on the November ballot asking the citizens of Moore to consider whether to continue the existing, temporary ¼ cent sales tax. The current ¼ cent sales tax was approved by citizens in 2012.  The citizens voted to continue the existing ¼ cent sales tax, the funds will be allocated as follows:

*50% of the funds would go to public safety
*50% would go to park improvements

Projects to be funded by the proposition will be:

  • Construct A New Fire Station #2 & A New Fire Training Center   (Located on 12th Street)      
  • Apple Valley Park: New Playground (to replace existing one)
  • Kiwanis Park: Build a new Restroom
  • Buck Thomas Park
    • Parking lot and road improvements in park
    • New Playground (to replace existing one)
    • PA/Sound system for athletic associations and special events (to address safety issues re: storm alerts and patron safety)
    • New south pavilion (to replace existing one)
    • Park entry sign along 12th Street
    • Scoreboards for softball
    • Bleachers for baseball
    • New entryways into football
    • Landscaping in athletic complexes
  • Development of a Park in Old Town (Main and RR tracks)
  • ​Central Park
    • new aquatic feature for aquatic center
    • expand fitness area, lobby & east corridor enhancements
    • Lakeside picnic pavilion(s)
    • Sign at 4th Street & Broadway
    • Additional parking/add electrical connections for special events
    • Restroom at playground
  • Westmoore Park Improvements
    • New playground
    • New Picnic pavilion
    • Restroom
    • Splash pad
    • Parking area
    • Landscaping
    • Shade structures
  • Quail Ridge Park Development (vacant land at 24th & Eastern)
    • Walking Trail
    • Restroom
    • Picnic Shelter
  • Veterans Memorial Park
    • Technology enhancements (Wi-fi for park patrons)
    • Add landscaping/Creek bank restoration
  • Arbor Gardens
    • Trail enhancements/repairs
  • Cottonwood Park
    • New basketball court  (to replace existing basketball court)
  • Greenbriar Park
    • New picnic pavilion (to replace existing pavilion)

2012 Accomplishments

In 2012 the citizens of Moore voted to fund improvements to Moore’s park system, with a temporary 1/4 cent sales tax which has led to dramatic park enhancements. As a result of this, the community now enjoys a new dog park, a spray park, new park restrooms, picnic pavilions, several new playgrounds (including a 100% handicap accessible playground), walking trails, improved athletic facilities, the construction of Central Park and The Station Recreation & Aquatic Center, and many other improvements. Below is a comprehensive list of many of the projects done with the existing ¼ cent sales tax.

 2012 1/4 cent sales tax accomplishments:

  • Added restroom to Apple Valley Park
  • Enhanced spray park at Apple Valley Park
  • Added restroom to Arbor Gardens Park
  • Added approx. 1 mile trail to Buck Thomas Park
  • Added two new restrooms to Buck Thomas Park
  • New Dog Park at Buck Thomas Park
  • 4 tennis courts at Buck Thomas Park
  • Improvements to softball complex (shade, restroom, concession/office, fence, entry gates, walkway in park, dugouts)
  • Improvements to football complex (fence, parking)
  • Improvement to baseball complex (shade, fence, restrooms, concession/office, parking, walkway in park, dugouts)
  • Added parking at Buck Thomas Park (over 400 new parking stalls)
  • New playground at Cottonwood Park
  • New playground at Greenbriar Park
  • Replaced old walking trail at Kiwanis Park
  • Added new restroom at Little River Park
  • Replaced old walking trail at Little River Park
  • Built Parmele Park
    • Walking trail
    • Playground
    • Spray park
    • Restroom
    • Pavilion
    • Parking lot
  • Expanded Senior Center by about 2,000 sq feet
  • Built Wall of Honor at Veterans Park
  • Added restroom at Veterans Park
  • Playground at Central Park
  • Fairmoore Park to be rebuilt (under construction)
  • Bridges for Little River Park (being engineered now)
Arbor Gardens Park Restroom Addition Arbor Gardens Park Restroom Addition
Playground at Central Park Playground at Central Park
Buck Thomas Park Additions Buck Thomas Park Additions
Softball Complex Improvements Softball Complex Improvements
Cottonwood Park Playground Addition Cottonwood Park Playground Addition
Greenbriar Park Playground Addition Greenbriar Park Playground Addition
Parmele Park Additions Parmele Park Additions
Senior Center Expansion Senior Center Expansion
Baseball Complex Improvements Baseball Complex Improvements
Buck Thomas Tennis Courts Buck Thomas Tennis Courts