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Rain Gardens

Rain gardens: A beautiful solution for water pollution

Rain gardens are a special kind of stormwater garden designed to collect and absorb rain runoff from hard surfaces like roofs. Rain gardens are a natural way to help solve stormwater pollution and save money on your water bill! A rain garden helps reduce pollution in our lakes and streams in many ways:

  • Increases the amount of water that filters into the ground, which refills local and regional groundwater sources
  • Help protect communities from flooding and drainage problems
  • Enhances the curb appeal of your home
  • Helps protect streams and lakes from urban stormwater pollutants such as lawn fertilizers and pesticides, oil and other fluids that leak from cars, and the numerous harmful substances that wash off roofs and paved areas
  • Provide habitat for birds, butterflies, and many beneficial insects

The best plants for rain gardens are certain native plants. Many native plants tolerate periods of wet water and tolerate dry periods as well. Native plants are also resistant to local pests (preventing the need for pesticides) and attract native butterflies and other insects that only host on particular plants. For a list of native Oklahoma plants please visit:

For more information, please contact the Environmental Services Department (405) 793-5089 or visit our website