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City of Moore Recycling Center - Changes

City of Moore Recycling Center will no longer take paper that has been shredded. Our solid waste collection company that we send our recyclables to no longer takes shredded paper due to some issues that have arisen. One being that most shredded paper is put into a plastic bag which the Moore Recycling Center does not take. Another reason being, when the paper is taken to Republic Services' facility, the plastic bag gets stuck in their machines and then the shredded paper can be hard trying to recycle since they are such small pieces.

Some alternatives would be to check out your local data shredding company or save up your shredded paper and bring it to one of our City of Moore Recycling events! We host two events a year, one in the fall and one in the spring to celebrate Earth Day and America Recycles Day. We would love to see you there!