UPDATED Debris Pickup

The City is approaching the end of the Ice Storm Debris Clean-Up. The final day for curbside pick-up will be Friday, January 22. Residents wanting to haul their debris to a city site may do so only at the drop off site just north of NE 12th St., on Bryant Ave, before 4:30pm Friday, January 22. Debris Drop Off Info 

If your debris has not been picked up by Friday, January 22, please call 405-793-5070 to schedule a storm debris pick up.

The City offers one free voucher annually for a trip to the OKC landfill. Please visit our website for details about the voucher program. Voucher Information 

Residents should:

  • Place storm debris at their curb for pickup by January 4 
  • Separate tree limbs from other storm damage (fence panels, boards, cardboard, metal, etc.)
  • Cut debris into pieces no longer than 10 ft.
  • Avoid covering gas and water meters
  • Avoid putting debris within 15' of a fire hydrant

Residents can use the City drop off site; more information here: 

Additional questions should be directed to Public Works at 405-793-5070.