Special Election on Tuesday, March 2

The City of Moore will hold a Special Election on Tuesday, March 2 asking voters to decide on a franchise agreement between the City and Oklahoma Natural Gas.


How will the City of Moore benefit from having a franchise agreement?
Currently we are under a gross receipts ordinance.  In contrast, a franchise agreement better defines the obligations of the City and One Gas Inc. (ONG). ONG has stated that cities with franchise agreements receive priority in planning for/developing long term infrastructure improvements.

How do residents of the City of Moore benefit from the City having a franchise agreement?

  • Knowledge of who is performing work related to natural gas
  • Assurance work will be performed to city regulations.
  • One Gas Inc. (ONG) held to indemnify City for any damages caused by the performance of that work.

Does this franchise agreement mean everyone has to use ONG as their provider?
No.  It is a non-exclusive franchise.  Customers could use other distributors of natural gas where it is available.

Does the City of Moore currently have other franchise agreements and, if so, with who?
Yes.  Oklahoma Gas and Electric (OG+E), Cox Communications

Does this lock in the percentage at 3% for 25 years?

What does “non-exclusive” mean?
There can be other natural gas providers operating within the city limits.

What if this doesn’t pass?
We would remain under the gross receipts ordinance as it is now.

If passed, how much would this raise my bill?
Going from a 2% gross receipts ordinance fee to a 3% franchise fee will be an increase of approximately .49 cents per month/$5.88 per year; based on an average One Gas Inc. (ONG) customer’s bill.

What does the City of Moore plan to do with the additional revenue?
A recommendation will be made for City Council to place the projected annual increase of $100,000 in the existing arterial street fund.

For more information, visit www.OklahomaNaturalGas.com/MooreFranchise