City of Moore Recycling Program Changes

Citizens of Moore,

Consumers play an important role in understanding what to recycle and how to avoid recycling contamination, or unwanted substances such as residual food or liquid that can be harmful to the recycling process. A contaminated item placed in the recycling container can come into contact with other recyclables, and potentially contaminate the entire truckload of recyclables. Republic Services, the recycling disposal company, is acknowledging the true cost of recycling, which includes the collecting and processing of recycled material, disposing of residual material and the sale of processed materials to buyers around the world.

Beginning November 18, 2019, Republic Services as well as the Moore Recycling Center will not be accepting:

#3 – PVC, plumbing pipes, tile, cling films, shoes, gutters, ducts, grocery bags

#4 – Cling wrap, sandwich bags, squeezable bottles for condiments (i.e. mustard), frozen food bags, grocery bags and flexible container lids.

#5 – Plastic diapers, Tupperware, kitchenware, margarine tubs, yogurt containers, prescription bottles, stadium cups, bottle caps, take out containers, disposable cups and disposable plates.

#6 – Styrofoam

#7 – Fiberglass and nylon

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your support in helping us build a durable Recycling model that will be beneficial to our environment.

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