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Oklahoma's New Firearms Carry Law

HB 2597 was passed by the legislature and goes into effect on November 1, 2019. The new law drops the SDA requirement for certain persons to have a license to carry a firearm. The new law also allows members of the military who are 18 or older to carry a firearm without a permit/license.

People who have been convicted of aggravated assault and battery, domestic abuse, stalking, violating an order issued under the Protection from Domestic Abuse Act, illegal drug possession, any felony offense, or adjudicated as having a mental illness are still not allowed to carry a firearm.

The term “pistol” was dropped from the new law, and replaced with “firearm”. Essentially this means a person can now carry a loaded rifle, shotgun, or pistol on his/her person.

Businesses can still restrict access to their buildings when someone is carrying a firearm. Schools and government buildings are also off-limits to a person carrying a firearm. Public parking lots for these locations are excluded from the restrictions.

Simply carrying a firearm in public does not warrant law enforcement intervention. Once officers have determined that no law is being broken, no further action will be taken by law enforcement officers.