COVID-19 Protocols

Updated 3/8/2021:  Moore Parks and Recreation staff may be required to wear masks if their work requires them to have close contact with the public/other staff and proper social distancing is not possible. Staff who are not required to mask during their normal workday may be required to mask when entering a facility/area where close contact with the public/other staff is possible.

Patrons are strongly encouraged to wear masks/face coverings and may be required to wear masks/face coverings if participating in a class/space/room where proper social distancing is not possible. Instructors/staff will make every effort to notify patrons when masks/face coverings are a requirement. Examples of where masks/face coverings may be required: events held in the meeting rooms, classes where no or little physical activity is occurring, and the Brand Senior Center activities.

Rigorous cleaning may occur on a scheduled basis in the Station fitness area. Scheduled times are posted and the fitness center will be closed during those times the extra cleaning may need to occur.

Social Distancing

Activities that take place in larger settings may account for social distancing for patrons and staff and occupancy may be reduced to allow for proper social distancing. 

Activities/classes/events where the high-intensity activity is taking place may allow masks/face coverings to be removed during the high-intensity activity. Proper social distancing will be practiced when possible.

When necessary, temperature checkpoints may be activated and patrons/staff registering a fever will be given options for further participation. 

The City of Moore and the Moore Parks and Recreation Department can make changes to these protocols at any time and notification may come from staff, either verbally or in writing. Every effort will be made to notify patrons and staff in a timely manner. However, due to changing circumstances, an advanced notification may not be possible. The Parks and Recreation Department Director, with the advisement of the Risk Manager, determines what protocols are currently in place.

COVID Protocols


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