Fire Marshal Division

The Fire Marshals Division is currently staffed with four positions: one Fire Marshal and three Assistant Fire Marshals.

Duties of the Fire Marshals Division include but are not limited to:

  • Plan Reviews for New Construction and Remodels
  • Fire Inspections
  • Fire Flow Test
  • Fire Prevention Education
  • Fire Origin and Cause Investigations

New Construction and Remodels

When a new building is to be constructed there are many considerations that must be made for fire and life safety. The International Building and Fire Code can be overwhelming, however, the information provided should help make important decisions whole under construction.

Public Hydrant Viewer

Fire and Life Safety Inspections

The Moore Fire Department conducts annual Fire & Life Safety Inspections for every commercial occupancy within the City of Moore. Although more commonly known as Fire Inspections, these inspections are an integral part of maintaining important safety features required by the International Fire Code and various other codes adopted by the City of Moore.

Safety Through Education

Annual fire inspections are a requirement for commercial occupancies, however they are intended to be a service which reduces risk to life safety and property loss. Most code violations are not intentional this is why we take an educational approach when conducting fire inspections. All of the code violations listed in this presentation are referenced from the 2009 International Fire Code.​

History has shown tragic fires resulting in loss of life or property loss were the result of non-compliance with the codes that could have prevented the event. A couple of recent examples are the Station Night Club and the Ghost ship.