Utility Customer Service FAQ

What services does the City of Moore provide and how do I start new service?

We provide water, sewer, and sanitation service. Call our office at 405-793-5032 M-F between the hours of 8am and 5pm and we can set service up over the phone in most cases.  One day notice is all that is required. If the water meter is turned off, we will need someone at the residence between the hours of 8am and 10am or 1pm and 3pm to sign a waiver to turn service on.  Under NO circumstances will a water meter be turned on without someone in the residence/building.  This is in case there are leaks or faucets on.  It is for your protection, as well as the City’s protection.

What is the cost to start/transfer utility service?

There is a $25 billed new service fee as well as a $25 billed transfer fee. All residential renters are charged a $100 deposit that can be split over 2 months.  The deposit is refunded toward the final bill when the account is closed. Homeowners deposits depend based our Online Utility Credit Check that is ran at the time service is initiated.

How do I order an additional polycart?

You can order over the phone 405-793-5032, via email , or via service request through our online billing system.  The current cost for each additional polycart is $10.75 per month.

How/where can I pay my bill?

You can pay your bill via visa/MasterCard by registering your account @cityofmoore.com.  You can pay over the phone by calling 405-793-5032 with visa/MasterCard.  There is no extra charge for these services.  You can also mail your payment to PO Box 6830 Moore, OK 73153 or bring your payment into our office located at 301 N Broadway.  We have a convenient drive-up and after-hours night deposit on the south side of the City Hall building.  You can also sign up for Automatic Bank Draft by filling out the authorization form, signing and returning to City Hall.

How is the sewer charge determined?

New residents have a cap of 6000 gallons (average household usage).  This means new residents will be charged up to (dependent on usage) but not more than 6000 gallons for sewer until an average is established.  Once an average is established residents will have a cap based on the lowest 3 months of the prior year’s water usage.  This average is calculated annually in April.  The average is a sewer cap so water usage over the established cap (which happens in the summer months) will not affect your sewer amount. If less water is used than your established sewer cap, you will only be billed sewer based on the actual water usage.

What is the Sewer Surcharge?

The sewer surcharge is billed to all residents and businesses.  This charge helps fund the new sewer plant we were required to build in 2013 due to growth and new DEQ federal requirements and regulations.

Why has my water usage increased?

There are many reasons this can happen.  One, your meter may have been over-read.  We do not estimate readings unless we don’t have access to the meter.  Usually only happens in ice/snow events.  However, there are a number of things you can do to find possible leaks.  In many cases, it is the result of running toilets.  We can check your leak indicator on your meter to let you know if it is moving but running toilets use water intermittently so we cannot always tell when that is the cause.  Of course if you feel your meter was misread, we can re-read it for you.  Call 405-793-5032 to request a re-read.

Here is a great link with information below to help determine if you may have a water leak.

How does residential big trash work?

Residents can schedule two big pick ups per year calendar year by calling 405-793-5070.  They must be scheduled in advance of trash being put at the curb.  Trash cannot be put our prior to the weekend of the scheduled week.  

You can also pick up a voucher by bringing in your driver’s license to the City Hall Customer Service Counter. The one time annual voucher allows residents to take a pick up bed plus a 16 foot trailer load to the Southeast Landfill located at 7001 S Bryant.  Drop off hours are between 6am and 5pm M-F and 7am-noon Saturdays.

How do I dispose of Hazardous Waste?

To encourage proper disposal of hazardous household waste, the City of Moore has contracted with Oklahoma City to use their state-of-the-art facility.
Take your City of Moore utility bill to 1621 S Portland T-F 9:30am to 6:00pm
Under 7.5 gallons: 1 free monthly pass per household
             More than once per monh: $39.50
Between 7.5-15 gallons: $118.50
Over 22.5 gallons: $158.00
Ph: 682-7038    Website: www.okc.gov