Traffic Impact Study for 19th Street

Traffic Engineering Consultants, Inc. (TEC) was asked by the City of Moore to update a traffic study completed in 2008. Major development has and is occurring in an area both north and south of SW 19th Street. The recent tornado, while destructive, afforded the opportunity for additional redevelopment. The update to the 2008 study includes an expanded study area and a more detailed analysis of the traffic impacts of additional development to the roadway system.

A traffic study was conducted by TEC in 2005 for the S. 19th Street area in Moore, Oklahoma. In 2005, retail development in the S. 19th Street corridor was just beginning. Many assumptions were made as to the projected type and density of the land uses. The study included recommended roadway improvements to keep up with the planned development.

In 2007, the City of Moore requested an update to the 2005 study. More detailed information on the projected land uses was available. However, most of the land remained undeveloped. There were detailed site plans for some of the areas. The objective of the update was to review the recommendations made in the original study, to re-evaluate the traffic impacts of the increased development on the surrounding street system, and to recommend roadway improvements. The study was published in 2008.

The original study area for both the 2005 study and the 2008 study included all land bordered by S. 4th Street to the north, east of Santa Fe to the west, north of S. 34th Street to the south, and west of Eastern to the east. The 2014 study area expanded the boundaries to include S. 4th Street, Santa Fe, S. 34th Street, and Eastern.

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