Safe Room Rebate Program Update

Many of you know that the State has selected their first round of safe room rebate program participants last week.  This has prompted many queries about the status of our Moore program.

While we here in Moore used the State’s registration process, these are two completely separate programs.

The City of Moore’s program is only in the “gathering interest” stages (as are the “programs” of some other area cities and counties).  The short version is that we haven’t even applied for consideration of a grant, let alone be approved and funded.  This is necessary due to the rules governing the grant application process, which are that we must identify and completely process each individual location as part of the initial application.  Therefore, we could possibly have sparked the interest of many persons in our community only to never receive grant funding.

It is our opinion that this process is backwards, that we should be able to apply for an amount of funds and submit a set of rules as to how we would utilize those funds, and then once we were approved and funded THEN gather addresses and do the vetting process.  However, we are required to abide by the procedures, processes and rules that FEMA has established for their grant funding programs.

The State is in a little different position; since they control the funding approval process in Oklahoma they are assured of funds for their program.  In fairness to them, they are also using a little different source of funding and their program won’t directly compete for funding against ours.

We anticipate selecting the addresses that we will use in our application sometime within the next couple of weeks.  There isn’t an urgent need to select the addresses as we have to wait until one more paperwork hurdle is cleared before we are allowed to submit an application – this is in progress but we don’t expect clearance for about another month.  We here at the City intend to have our application written and prepared so that once we are advised that we may proceed that we will ready to submit our application that same day.

Cleveland County and the City of Norman are in the same stage as we are…addresses have been gathered and processed, currently writing the application, and waiting for the final clearance to proceed.  The City of Oklahoma City has just announced their program, which means they are just now gathering addresses.

We have a few over 1100 Moore residents who expressed interest in the program by registering during October.  We intend to randomly select 800 as our “primary” locations, and also submit about 20% additional addresses as alternates should primary locations choose not to participate.  Should we be approved and fully funded, we should be able to provide rebates for the majority of residents who applied.

Thank you for your interest in the program.  We are excited that so many in our community are interested in building safe places to shelter during threatening weather!

We will try to keep our applicants updated on our progress and will certainly be talking with you if/when we are approved for funding.

Gayland Kitch
Oklahoma Certified Emergency Manager
Director of Emergency Management & Communications
The City of Moore, Oklahoma