Residential Trash Collection

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1. What if I do not have a polycart?
After checking the premises, (garage, backyard etc.)  and no polycart can be found, please call 793-5032 and we will have a polycart delivered to your address.

2. Can I set out extra bags in addition to my polycart?
Yes, however, only yard waste will be picked up.  All bags must weigh less than 39 lbs.  Household waste must be placed in the polycart.

3. Where and how should I place my polycart at the curb for pickup?
Your polycart must be placed within three (3) feet of the curb and have the arrow on the lid facing the street.

4. During what hours will my refuse be collected?
Your refuse will normally be collected between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. once a week on your designated day.  You should put your polycart out before 7:00 a.m.  the polycart must be removed after the refuse is collected.

5. Is there a fee involved in having the polycart furnished?
No.   The City of Moore will furnish the polycart at no extra cost to the customer. Additional polycarts are available for fee.

6. What if it is stolen or damaged by someone other than my family?
Report the theft or damage to our office (793-5070) as soon as possible.

7. What may I put in the polycart?
All household refuse.  It is recommended to bag and tie refuse placed in the polycart to reduce smell and blowing trash.  Boxes need to be broken down and placed in polycart.  Brush will be accepted for pickup provided the bundles are no longer than two (2) feet and no more than twelve (12) inches in diameter, tied and placed at curbside next to the polycart.  Yard trash, i.e: grass clippings will be accepted for pickup if it is placed in two-ply plastic bags containing less than 39 gallons and is placed at the curbside.  The bags should not weigh more than 39 lbs. in order to prevent injury to our employees.  You are allowed five (5) yard waste bags per week at no charge.  All yard waste bags over the five- (5) limit will be charged $0.50 per bag.

8. Do not place in the polycart:
Poisons, acids, caustics, explosives, oil and other dangerous materials.  In addition, brush, tree limbs, dirt, rocks, bricks, building materials, paint, tires, batteries or furniture will not be accepted when placed in the polycart.  WARNING:  Do not put hot ashes from your fireplace, wood burning stoves or charcoal grills in your polycart as this can cause the possibility of fire. If the polycart is damaged because of this action, the customer will be charged for the polycart at the current cost of replacement.

9.  What constitutes an excessive amount of yard waste?
Any yard waste bags exceeding 5 bags per week will be subject to the City’s current established charge,
currently $0.50 per bag.

10. What should I do if I am physically unable to place the polycart at the curb?
Call our office (793-5070 or 793-5032) and arrangements will be made to collect refuse in your polycart.

11.  Who is responsible for cleaning the polycart and how is it cleaned?
The Customer is responsible for cleaning the polycart.  Soap and hot water easily cleans the polycart.

12.  What about vandalism?
Prevention is the best safeguard.  Your polycart should be removed from the curbside by nightfall and secured on your premises.   For identification purposes, the City of Moore’s name and serial number are embossed on the lid of the polycart or side.
13.  Why do I have additional charges for sanitation on my bill?
These charges may apply when extra bags of yard waste exceeding five (5) bags per week.

14.  May I purchase another polycart if I generate more refuse than my polycart will hold?
If you find you have a need for another polycart due to your generation of household refuse, please contact customer service at 793-5032 and arrangements will be made for you to lease a second (2nd) polycart for an additional fee of $10.75 per month.  The customer will maintain this polycart also, and the City of Moore will perform needed maintenance.

15.  May I use containers I already have in addition to my polycart?
No.  Because of the design of the sanitation equipment, containers other than polycarts cannot be used.

16.  What if I see a refuse truck on my street and it does not pick up my refuse?
Due to routing, it may be a number of hours between collections of both sides of the street.   If you did not place your polycart out soon enough, you will have the option of rolling it across the street for collection, if the other side of the street has not been picked up.   The resident is responsible for rolling the polycart back to his or her residence after collection.

17.  When will my refuse be picked up if my pick up day falls on a holiday?
Under this system each residence will receive a weekly collection.  Certain holidays will necessitate we make your collection on Wednesday instead of your regular day.  Reminders will be transmitted on our bi-monthly newsletter and through the newspaper.  With the exception of New Years Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day refuse will be provided on the actual holiday.   If one of the above mentioned holidays fall on your regular pickup day, your refuse will be collected on Wednesday in that same week. (in most cases)

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