Public Utilities

The City of Moore has 230 miles of water line, 34 active water wells, 5 water towers, one ground storage pump station, 2,000 fire hydrants, and two new water booster stations.

Water Quality

The City of Moore continually tests the quality of the drinking water that we produce. In addition, we are required to submit an official report to the State on an annual basis.

Water Leaks

Should you see water leaking from a water meter box or spouting up in the street, please call (405) 793-5080, 24 hours a day.


Our water maintenance employees must be trained and licensed by the Oklahoma State Department of Health prior to working our water system. Employees must pass exams covering math, chemistry and state regulations; public health and safety are also major topics.


Watering schedules are now in place.

Oklahoma City, Moore and surrounding communities have implemented Progressive Water Conservation Stages. Mandatory odd/even watering (Stage 1) is now permanently in effect. If the drought worsens, additional conservation measures will take effect.

How does odd/even watering work? It's simple.

CALL AHEAD!!!! Call us 24 hours a day at 793-5080 whenever you have signs of a developing backup. We’re on duty around the clock; working together, we can prevent most sewer backups. Signs of blockage include:

•Slow Draining Sinks
•Wastewater back flow
•Continuous Sewage Smell

If there’s a problem with the City line, we should be able to fix it before sewage backs up into your house. If your private line is blocked, we’ll tell you so you can get it fixed.

The City of Moore is pleased to announce a partnership with Service Line Warranties of America (SLWA) to offer the National League of Cities (NLC) Service Line Warranty Program to homeowners. The NLC Service Line Warranty Program offers voluntary warranty protection at an affordable price for water lines in the event of a failure.  

The plant has a design of 4.5 million gallons of wastewater per day but can handle on a short basis a maximum flow of 11.25 million gallons per day. Treated effluent is pumped west from the plant to a tributary of the South Canadian River.

In recent years, the City of Moore made a $5 million investment in our wastewater system, $1.2 million was spent on upgrading the wastewater facility. This increased the treatment capacity by 1 million gallons per day at the plant.