Public Transportation

Program provided by Metro Transit (Metro Transit Doctor Deliveries: 297-2583)

  • Curbside service from their house, to the doctor, and back.
  • It’s medical transportation for the Moore and northern Cleveland County area into Oklahoma City for medical appointments the residents there have for sixty or older. It’s a donation-based program. They do not have to give anything, but if they want to help out, they ask for a $5 donation, but that’s not a requirement.
  • The program is a joint venture between the Central Oklahoma Transportation and Parking Authority, better known as Metro Transit, the City of Moore and the Daily Living Center, which provides the vehicles and drivers.
  • In order to use the service, they need to call well in advance to schedule a pick-up. Right now the service only runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10:30 am & 1:30 pm. Also, there are only specific locations where the service runs.
  • Travels to doctor’s offices but in a limited area. Basically Southwest Medical Center area, University Hospital area, Dean McGee and St. Anthony’s.

For an appointment at the Moore Medical Center or another location inside the Moore City limits, the Brand Senior Center runs a program (793-5209)

  • Pick people up at their house and take them to the doctors, to the grocery store, wherever they want to go.
  • The Brand Senior Center can pick you up at the Center itself, or right from the front door. And in addition to the doctor, they can provide transportation virtually anywhere a senior citizen might need to go within the city limits of Moore.
  • Both Metro Transit and the Brand Center work in cooperation with each other, making sure there is a means to get senior citizens to the doctor.

SoonerRide is a program that helps people get to and from their SoonerCare appointments if they need a ride. They partner with LogistiCare Solutions LLC to provide this non-emergency transportation service for both the SoonerCare Traditional and SoonerCare Choice programs. SoonerRide arranges to take you to services covered by SoonerCare; It is not for emergencies; A person must call at least three days before their appointment to arrange for a ride. (Sooner Ride Manager (405) 522-7642 or Reservation Line 877-404-4500).

  •  It is intended for people on Medicaid (SoonerCare). It runs Monday- Friday. If a person is on dialysis or they have cancer it is a 7-day per week service.
  • 3 day notice is needed to obtain a ride. In certain emergencies same-day service can be provided.
  •  No charge for rides.