Moore Police Department Property Loss Form


  1. If a column does not apply, leave it blank.
  2. Item Description 
    1. Custody Code; Enter the appropriate letter from the list of custody codes table. 
    2. Type Code; Enter the appropriate letter from the list of type codes table. 
    3. Category Code; Enter the appropriate letter from the list of category codes table. 
    4. Article; Describe what was taken; for example, television, typewriter, calculator, etc. 
    5. Brand/Make; Give the brand name of the manufacture; for example, smith & Wesson, Craftsman, Sony. Etc. 
    6. Model No. /Name; See literature provided by the manufacture or dealer for this information. This is NOT the serial number. Do not confuse the two, see example below. 
    7. Quantity; List the number of identical items taken; for example; when listing 12 pairs of gloves, the box would not be listed “12 PR.” 
    8. Value; List the total value for one item or a group of identical items, for example, 20 pairs of Levi jeans with a value of “$300,” (not $15 each), use fair market value. Do not list original value on a used item. Antiques should be valued at their appraisal but coins at face value only. Foreign coins have no value for the purpose of this report. Value listed on this report does not necessarily represent the insured or replacement value. 
    9. Serial No.; List the serial number or the item if it has one, if known, an owner applied number may be entered here. 
    10. Additional Description; This section is for additional property descriptions. Indicate the article being described and describe thoroughly, including all identifying marks, such as burn marks or inscriptions. On guns, include the type (revolver, shotgun, etc.), caliber, distinguishing features (target accessories, grip adapter, etc.), barrel length and finish (blue steel, chrome, etc.). On jewelry or clothing, include whether ladies’ or mens’. 


If you have property that is in the custody of the Moore Police Department, you can call 405-793-5188 and talk to the property Officer. If you are wanting to pick up your property, Please call and make an appointment with the Property Officer. 


If you are needing a copy of a crime report or an accident report, Please contact Records at 405-793-5134 

Case No.
Date of Offense
Offense/Offense Location