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Planning is an essential service provided by the city to promote the health, safety, and welfare of our residents. Most people don't realize what the planning division does, but it touches every aspect of city-life...from the size of your lots to the location of streets. Following are the main functions of the planning division, however we are always working on special projects that are showcased on the Community Development homepage! 

City of Moore Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy

2012 AFV Transition Plan


On March 18, 2013, the Moore City Council passed Ordinance No. 743(13) that adopted more stringent requirements for accessory buildings in residential zoning districts.

RKG Associates, Inc. was engaged by the City of Moore, Oklahoma in October 2013 to prepare an assessment of the conditions and characteristics of the housing market in the city. The impetus of the study was the May 2013 F5 tornado that destroyed almost 1,350 homes, damaged 728 others, and also damaged and destroyed businesses and a hospital. In the course of applying for a federal disaster relief grant, HUD suggested that Moore conduct the housing study, the first of its kind for the city.

Do you feel that you have been a victim of Fair Housing Discrimination? Federal law prohibits landlords, realtors, and lending institutions from discrimination based on race, religion, familial status, or disabilities.

To learn more about your Fair Housing rights, go to

The city is in the process of developing a GIS. This powerful computer tool will allow staff and residents to access information quickly and conduct a variety of spatial analysis to solve problems like never before! We will be more than happy to process information requests and map print outs.  For questions concerning the GIS, call (405) 793-5053.

Link to Mapping Tool

In May of 2008, the Moore City Council adopted a new city-wide trails plan that focuses on Active Transportation. The plan includes sidewalks, bike routes, and multi-use trails to provide citizens with more opportunities for non-motorized transportation and recreation. The plan implementation is currently underway. Phase I of the implementation includes establishing Bike Route signs on prioritized roadways, along with seeking grant funding for sidewalks and multi-use trails. 

As land is developed within the city, the land must be subdivided, or platted. The platting process is mandatory for all new commercial uses on unplatted property and for any residential development of 2 or more lots that are less than 5 acres. A Preliminary Plat and a Final Plat are required. For questions concerning plats or subdivisions, call (405) 793-5053.

Zoning is an important tool to promote the health, safety and welfare of the city. Before you purchase a lot or start a business, it is important to check your zoning! For questions concerning zoning, call (405) 793-5054.

All you need is an address or in some cases a legal description.

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