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City Council Issues Amended Declaration of Emergency

Proclamation of Emergency

Attached is the newest Emergency Proclamation for the City of Moore which is available on our website and in hardcopy form at Moore City Hall.

  • Notable changes to the City of Moore Proclamation 03-30(a) are:
    • City of Moore buildings are closed to the public (City Hall, Public Works, etc.)
    • City of Moore playgrounds/play surfaces are closed to the public
    • CBD Shops have been deemed essential under the State of Oklahoma’s Essential Industries List as “critical retail and hospitality” NAICS code 448-45; pursuant to Oklahoma Executive Order 2020-07
  • Effective dates are 11:59 PM March 30th, 2020, to April 29th, 2020

City of Moore residents are reminded to follow the Governor’s order re state travel notification requirements, etc. All-State orders can be found at the Oklahoma Secretary of State website,

The City of Moore’s Emergency Proclamation is intended to protect the health and welfare of residents and violation of the Proclamation is unlawful. Establishments/Persons within the City of Moore, in violation of the Proclamation, will be contacted by the City of Moore’s Code Enforcement Department for immediate compliance per City Ordinance #13-409. Any establishments/persons still in violation of the Emergency Proclamation may be fined not to exceed $500 per day of non-compliance. To report suspected violations, contact Code Enforcement’s dedicated line @ 405-793-4419 (all hours) or [email protected] .

This proclamation becomes effective at 11:59 PM on Monday, March 30th, 2020.

Official Proclamation (PDF)