On-Line Auto Pay Option

The City bills each month based on a 28-day cycle. Some months you may receive two bills in one month or one month you may not receive a bill at all, which results in the due dates being different with each bill.

When using Auto-Pay with your credit card through the on-line site you are directed to pick the day of the month you want to pay your bill. If you select this option and you do not have a bill on your chosen day, your account will not be paid until the following month which could cause your account to incur fees for non-payment and/or have service interrupted. Please be sure that the date you pick is early enough before the due date since the due date will change each month.

Another alternative is to sign up for the auto draft. The City will draft your bank account or debit/credit card on your due date. You can sign up for this service by completing and mailing back the form available on our website or give us a call and we will be glad to mail you a form.
For more information please call (405) 793-5032

Link to Online Auto-Pay option