Community Cares Partners Offer Rental and Utility Assistance

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Application Process Temporarily Closed

UPDATE 09/01/21- Oklahoma Community Cares Partners has temporarily closed all applications for rent and utility assistance for six weeks beginning September 1, 2021. Applications will reopen on October 15, 2021. During that time, CCP will process and pay as many applications already submitted as possible. Applicants will be notified if their application qualifies for assistance. CCP will not be responding to individual application status questions as that will only slow down the process. What you can do now:

  1. Talk to your Landlord and/or utility company to let them know you applied for assistance.
  2. Show up at Court (and call Legal Aid) if you get served with an Eviction Summons that has a Court date and time. You will be evicted if you do NOT show up at Court.
  3. Call 211 if you need help with counseling.
  4. Check the resources page on for a list of shelters and housing alternatives, if needed.

Apply online at or call 2-1-1

Community Cares Partners is a public-private program of Communities Foundation of Oklahoma (CFO)

• A new resident support resource center that administers Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) allocated by the State of Oklahoma, City of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, and Cleveland


• Provides rent and utilities assistance to residents who have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic (utilities limited to electricity, heating source, water, trash, and internet)

Applicant must verify:

• 18 years old or over

Lost job or income due to COVID-19 after 3/13/20

• Financial need

• Rent and utility expenses were incurred after 3/13/20

• No other federal funds were received for the same purpose

All funds are paid to the vendor on behalf of the resident

Applications will be closed for weekly maintenance from noon on Fridays and reopen at 9 am on Mondays.