Moore Police Department Media Release - 2-17-2014

First and foremost, the Moore Police Department sends our condolences to the Rodriguez family.

Concerning the events that occurred early morning Saturday, February 15th, 2014 at the Moore Warren Theatre involving 3 private security officers (one of which is a Moore Police officer) and 2 on-duty Moore Police officers, the investigation is still ongoing and parties involved, including witnesses, have exercised their right to counsel. The following is an account of what we can confirm:

  • Officers were notified of a possible fight in the theatre parking lot.
  • All the events that took place once officers arrived at the incident involving the Rodriguez family are now under investigation. Details will be released once the investigation is complete.
  • A search warrant has been obtained for a cell phone that was retrieved from the scene. The Cleveland County District Attorney will determine when the cell phone is returned to its owner.
  • The 3 Moore Police officers involved are currently on administrative leave pending a thorough investigation.
  • Detectives are now reviewing video evidence from the incident and will be conducting interviews with all parties involved in the coming days. All of the findings will be sent to the Cleveland County District Attorney’s Office for a thorough review.

We will update you as the investigation progresses. We understand the public’s desire for information and we ask for patience as all of the facts are being investigated and will not be released until they are confirmed by investigators.