Code Enforcement Division

(405) 793-5052

The Code Enforcement Division works to reduce neighborhood nuisances and residential deterioration within the city. Typical violations include overgrown grass and weeds, parking in the yard, junked vehicles, trash and debris,  and storm water.

To Report a Storm Water Violation, please call 405-793-5052.

Abatement Process

The process starts with a citizen complaint or a code enforcement officer's report. Once a complaint is filed with the city, the Code Enforcement Officer will issue a letter to the property owner stating the violations observed. The property owner then has 10 days to correct the problem. If after 10 days the violation still exists, the City will abate the violation and bill the property owner for the cost (plus an administrative fee). For questions concerning the abatement process, call (405) 793-5052.

Common Violations

The City of Moore Code Enforcement Division handles hundreds of complaints on a monthly basis. Complaints are made on an anonymous basis only. The majority of these complaints include the following:

  • Parking in yard
  • Weeds and/or grass over 12" tall
  • Accumulation of trash and/or litter

Moore's Codes and Ordinances

Please contact the Code Enforcement Division for further information for the remedy to these situations. For questions concerning complaints, call (405) 793-5052.