Changes to the Accessory Building Ordinance effective April 18, 2013

On March 18, 2013, the Moore City Council passed Ordinance No. 743(13) that adopted more stringent requirements for accessory buildings in residential zoning districts.

Accessory Buildings, both temporary and permanent, in residentially zoned or used lots must comply with the following:
a. Maximum square footage of all accessory buildings on the lot cannot exceed 600 square feet.
b. The maximum number of accessory buildings on the lot cannot exceed a total of 3.
c. Accessory buildings cannot exceed 10’ in wall height from ground level to the top of the side wall fascia or exceed an overall height of 15’ when measured from ground level to the roof ridge.
d. If a permanent accessory building is constructed on the front or side building line that is visible from the street, at least 50% of the façade facing the street must be covered in brick or rock veneer to match the existing architectural design of the home.
e. Steel shipping containers shall not be used as a permanent or temporary accessory building.

The ordinance also outlines the steps that the City can take to have any non-complying accessory buildings removed.

For more information about the new “Accessory Building” ordinance, please view the ordinance below or call 793-5052 for more information.

PDF icon Ordinance No 743(13)198.72 KB