Private Security Camera Registration Program

The Moore Police Department has started a new program to help in solving crimes and recover stolen property. Many homes and businesses in Moore have private security cameras.  We are asking for the community's help in compiling a list of camera locations by having the owners register their system with the Moore Police Department.  This program is completely voluntary and will not cost the owner any money.  The video information can be utilized when a crime is reported in an area where we have cameras listed.  The Police Department will contact the owner and request a copy of their video footage to help develop leads in the investigation.  There would be no cost to the individual or business as the Police Department would provide the necessary equipment to download the video footage.  The information provided by the owner of the camera system will not be available to the public or subject to open records requests.

For additional information please contact Captain Jon White at 405-793-5170 or email.  

Click Here to Submit Information.

Print and return the completed form to:

Moore Police Department
Attn: Captain Jon White
117 E. Main St
Moore, OK 73160

PDF icon Security Camera Registration Form94.25 KB