Waste Water Treatment Center

The plant has a design of 4.5 million gallons of wastewater per day but can handle on a short basis a maximum flow of 11.25 million gallons per day. Treated effluent is pumped west from the plant to a tributary of the South Canadian River.

In recent years, the City of Moore made a $5 million investment in our wastewater system. $1.2 million was spent on upgrading the wastewater facility. This increased the treatment capacity by 1 million gallons per day at the plant.

In 2004 the City replaced two old sewer lift stations with one new one. The new lift station has allowed the City to open 2 square miles of land to development. Along with this new lift station, new lines replaced older under-sized lines. These improvements ensure that the City of Moore has wastewater capacity to meet our growth for the immediate future.

For more long term needs, the City of Moore is constructing a new addition to the Wastewater Treatment Facility. Financing is in place for up to $50 million in improvements with $2 million coming from Economic Stimulus funds. The improvements associated with the new portion of the facility will increase our wastewater treatment capacity to 9 million gallons/ day. This is double our current capacity. Construction is underway and the first phase should be complete in 2010 with the final phase being completed in 2013.

The new Wastewater Treatment Plant will have state of the art odor control equipment in place.