Planning Commission

The Planning Commission studies and makes recommendations to the City Council concerning the systematic development and betterment of the City as related to the zoning regulations.

The Commission consists of nine members, appointed by the City Council for three-year terms. The City Manager and City Engineer also serve on the Commission as ex-officio members.

Meetings of the Board are generally held at 7 pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, in the City Council Chambers at City Hall. Official meeting notices and agendas are posted on the bulletin board at City Hall.

A feature for the website from the Moore Community Development Department is that the entire schedule for Planning Commission and City Council meetings and the various milestone dates for the permitting process are on the website. It is all included on a one page document.

Development and Permitting Process Schedule


Member                 Address                             Telephone                 Expires

Ralph Sherrard      4201 Hidden Lakes Cir.    (405) 799-7332 home    8/2016

Don Snow              305 Pauline Renee Dr.     (405) 794-4103 home    8/2018

Randy Tarlton        2504 Highland Dr.             (405) 799-4351 home   8/2017

Kent Graham          501 Sherwood Dr.            (405) 799-3625 home    8/2018

Louie Williams        3104 White Cedar Dr       (405) 799-7825 home    8/2016

Gary Lunow            2936 Hillcrest Dr.             (405) 794-5994 home    8/2016

Danielle McKenzie  2501 SE 8th St                (405) 361-1775 Cell       8/2017

Dana Moffatt           1600 SW 38th St             (405) 799-4846              8/2018

Chris Rickman         902 NE 23rd St               (405) 830-7452 Cell       8/2017