Parks and Facilities

Learn about all that the City of Moore has to offer with our parks and facilities. 


City of Moore Park Rules

City of Moore Park Rules for all the Parks in Moore. 

Parks Directory

In the City of Moore you will find over 240 acres of beautiful park grounds.  Our parks offer a wide variety of amenities, activities, and pavilions for any occasion.  We encourage you to visit a neighborhood park today.

Parmele Park
1308 N. Janeway 
8 acres
Splash Pad - Open:  10am - 8pm
Picnic Area
Drinking Fountain
Walking Trail
Handicap Parking
Walking Trail - .3 mi


VIP (Volunteer In Parks) Program provides several opportunities for citizens to get involved.  Our three programs include Adopt-a-Park, Park Watch, and Park Community Service.  No matter which you choose; your time, effort, and hard work is appreciated not only by city officials but the citizens of Moore.