Park Watch Program

The City of Moore Park Watch Program is a program designed to help prevent crime and vandalism to our playgrounds and parks with the help of volunteers.  This program will develop an increased sense of awareness to suspicious activities in our parks including:

• Defacement of park equipment
• Misuse of playground equipment
• Fighting or harassment
• Destruction of natural resources
• Loose domestic animals in the park
• Littering or garbage dumping
• Prohibition of drugs and alcohol
• Violation of park closing hours
• Noise Control
• No motorized vehicles in the park

How this program will help the citizens of Moore and its visitors:

• Prevents incidents of vandalism, crime, and misuse of park properties
• Keeps our parks safe
• Reduces repair and restoration costs on equipment
• Creates community pride as everyone works together to ensure safe, clean and enjoyable parks
• Helps law enforcement

Volunteer Involvement:
• Must be 18 years or older
• Have a valid driver’s license
• Agree to a background check and pass
• Complete required training
• Fill out weekly report
Responsibilities:  Identify activities that are suspicious in nature and communicate them effectively with city officials.  Patrol designated parks and stay in contact with park/police dispatch.  Email is an option for contact.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Park Watch Program, please contact Chris Villani at 405.793.5090 or .