News from Moore

  • City Council Approves Parks Master Plan

    The Moore City Council approved the Parks Master Plan on February 6th.  The plan gives staff a framework to work within and plans can now be made for implementation.  Funding sources will have to be found for many of the projects but many items are already in the works.  Citizens will see improvements in many city parks and a Championship Disc Golf Course should open in Little River Park by the end of the year.  The master plan is available to view by clicking the link below. 

  • Safe Room Rebate Program Update

    Many of you know that the State has selected their first round of safe room rebate program participants last week.  This has prompted many queries about the status of our Moore program.

    While we here in Moore used the State’s registration process, these are two completely separate programs.

  • Economic Development

    City of Moore

    The Economic Development Department provides liaison between economic enterprises and the City government in Moore.

    One of the major responsibilities of this department is to attract new business to Moore, which in turn provides jobs for our residents, increases the tax base of the City, and in general makes Moore a great place to live and shop.

  • Old Town Moore

    Moore was founded during the land-run of 1889. The early settlers came on train, horseback, wagons, and some, on foot. According to local historians, the town's original name was "Verbeck" as designated by the railroad company. However, a railroad employee named Al Moore, reported to be either a conductor or a brakeman, lived in a boxcar at the camp and had difficulty receiving his mail. He painted his name - "Moore" - on a board and nailed it on the boxcar. When a postmaster was appointed, he continued to call the settlement Moore.

  • Recycle Moore


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