Moore Police Now Hiring

Saturday, October 10, 2015 - 9:00am

The Moore Police Department is seeking applicants to fill multiple Police Officer positions.
The Moore Police Department provides law enforcement services to residents and visitors to the City of Moore in an effort to create a safe community by protecting life, preserving liberty and keeping the peace. The 89 commissioned officers and 5 civilian employees recently moved into a new Public Safety Center.

Officers starting salary is $43,337 and increases to $52,911 upon completion of a 12 month probation period. Additional pay for college degrees and bilingual officers. Other benefits include college tuition reimbursement, take-home patrol car for officers residing in the city limits, longevity pay, and much more. 

Physical testing for the position of Police Officer will be conducted on October 10, 2015 at 9:00 AM at the Southmoore High School field house located at 2901 S. Santa Fe in Moore.  Bring a photo ID for Physical Testing.

Upon successful completion of the physical test, applicants will progress to the written examination. Written exams will be held at 1:00 PM on October 10, 2015.    Bring a photo ID and $15 dollars to the written exam..

Applicants do ​not need to sign up prior to the test.

The physical test will consist of:
• 1.5 mile run in under 15 min 20 sec;
• 300 meter sprint in under 68 seconds;
• 18 pushups in 60 seconds;
• 27 sit ups in 60 seconds.

Contact SSgt Troy Fullbright by e-mail to if you have any questions or to obtain a list of Prerequisites and Automatic Disqualifiers.     (11/5/2014)

Prerequisites and Automatic Disqualifiers

• Must be 21 years of age.
• Must have ability to obtain Oklahoma DL.
• Possess a High School Diploma or obtained a GED.  If GED, must also have 30 semester hours from an accredited college or university.

• No felony convictions.  Cannot be under indictment, have charges pending in any court, or under investigation by an LE agency for an offense that would disqualify the applicant.
• No convictions for Domestic Violence.
• If discharged from military, DD214 must not list discharge as less than honorable.
• Cannot be on probation, parole, or deferred sentence.
• No past use of LSD, PCP, MDMA, mescaline, or psilocybin.
• No distribution or manufacturing of illegal drugs or solicitation for sale.
• No use of a substance to alter their mental or physical condition within the past 3 years, unless used in accordance with a physician’s instructions.
• No multiple convictions for DUI, DWI, or DUID.  No charges for DUI, DWI, or DUID within past 3 years.
• No convictions for reckless driving, attempting to elude, racing, or leaving the scene of an accident within the last 3 years.
• Applicants who have completed CLEET Basic Academy while employed by another Law Enforcement Agency must be beyond one year from Academy graduation.
• No termination from another Law Enforcement Agency, or resignations while under investigation.

*Visible tattoos are permitted as long as they can be covered by a regulation Moore Police Department uniform shirt.  Tattoos on the hand or wrist, must be able to be covered by a wedding band, or wrist watch.  No facial or neck tattoos are allowed.

A more thorough and complete list of disqualifiers can be obtained by contacting SSgt Troy Fullbright at