Animal Welfare FAQ

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Donating items to the shelter

We are very grateful to all citizens for donations given.  We always accept donations related to helping the animals.
Money is helpful to support vaccinations,  medical care or special diets when needed. All monetary donations go to the animals.

Pet food, treats, bedding, towels, blankets, leashes, collars, pet toys, etc. are always much appreciated.

We thank you so much for helping us to help the animals.

Q & A

Q.  How many animals (dogs or cats) can I have if I live inside Moore city limits?
A.  Up to 4 animals over six months (adult) of age are allowed, per household.  Proper city licensing must be obtained for each adult animal.

Q.  Is there a city licensing requirement?
A.  Yes, city licenses must be obtained from the Animal Shelter yearly for a fee of $2.50 for each animal over 6 months of age.  You must bring the animals Rabies Certificate to get a city license.

Q. Can my pet run around outside to roam the neighborhood?
A.  No.  Dogs must be confined to a fenced area or be on a leash.  Cats must be kept indoors or monitored while outside.

Q.  If my dog stays indoor most of the time, do I have to have a dog house?
A.  Yes.  Anytime a dog is outdoors it must be provided adequate shelter form the elements, i.e. rain, cold wind, direct hot sunlight, etc.  A doghouse must be large enough to stand upright, turn around and lay down comfortably and have a solid floor.  Or the animal must have access to enter the house or garage, i.e. dog door.   It must have a shaded area and access to water in a spill proof container.

Q.  Can I have chickens if I live in Moore city limits?
A.  Only if you are zoned agricultural.

Q.  Can I have exotic animals (no venomous snakes, lions, tigers, leopards, panthers, bears, alligators, crocodiles, monitors, apes, elephants, rhinoceroses)  in Moore city limits?
A.  You must be licensed by the State of Oklahoma yearly.  We request that you notify the Animal Shelter if you have exotics for yours and the animals safety.


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