ShelterMoore Storm Shelter Rebate Program

4-10-2014 Update  - On Thursday April 10th, the ShelterMoore rebate program applications were randomly selected for awarding of the $2,500 saferoom rebate from funds provided by the American Red Cross.

All those in the drawing will likely receive an email with their number and further information.  Those selected will also receive a letter with instructions and forms.

4-1-2014 Update: City staff will be completing the selection process by the end of next week.  We will notify all recipients via email, phone or letter.  Calls to the program director prior to the recipient notification may not be returned. 


3-6-2014 Update: Registration has ended and selection/notification will take place after April 1st. Please check this page for updates.  


From January 20th  to February 28th the City of Moore solicited applications for the ShelterMoore Program.  This program is being funded by a grant to the city from the American Red Cross in the amount of 3.75 million dollars. This funding will allow for the installation of at least 1,500 storm shelters in Moore. 

For those selected and approved, the program will provide a one-time rebate of up to $2,500 after the applicant contracts for, installs, and has city inspector approval of a storm shelter which meets or exceeds the requirements established in FEMA Publication 361.

To be eligible, a person must be the homeowner and resident of a single-family residence located within the city limits of the City of Moore. The residence where the storm shelter is installed must be the primary residence of the homeowner.

Homeowners whose primary residences were destroyed or received significant damage in the May 20th, 2013 or May 31st, 2013 tornados will receive first priority for selection. Significant damage will be determined based on the necessity of obtaining a building permit from the City. If a building permit was obtained for building a home to replace one destroyed on May 20th, or a building permit was obtained for rebuilding/remodeling of a home damaged on May 20th or May 31st, those residences will be given priority for a storm shelter rebate. (Note that they must still meet the other eligibility requirements.) Final authority for determination of priority status will rest with the program manager.

All other residences will receive next priority.

The City has promoted and encouraged the swift rebuilding of homes destroyed by the May 20th tornado. Therefore, homeowners whose primary residences were destroyed in the May 20th, 2013 tornado and who have already rebuilt within Moore and have incorporated a storm shelter will be eligible for a rebate. All other eligibility requirements must be met, including ownership, primary residence, and conformance to FEMA standards. No other shelter which has already been constructed will be eligible for a rebate.

If more persons apply for the program than funds are immediately available for, each registrant will be assigned a number and selection will be made via computerized random number generator.


To apply for the rebate program, persons should register online at, the State of Oklahoma's existing SoonerSafe program. OEM will provide applicant information to the City of Moore for selection and processing.

Registration will begin shortly after the reception of grant approvals and approval of the program by the Moore City Council. Registration will continue for one month.

The program and the call for applicants will be advertised via:

  • Special postcard mailing to all residents;

  • Press release to Oklahoma City area broadcast media;

  • Posting on the City of Moore website, Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts;

  • Press release to the Moore Monthly, Norman Transcript, and other local newspapers.

Note that the special postcard mailing is in-lieu-of posting the information as a utility bill insert; the postcard will be more timely and reach all residents at approximately the same time.

After the stated close date of registration, the City's Storm Shelter program manager will liaison with the State Emergency Management office to receive all registrant information.

Selection / Approval

Once all applications are vetted, it will be determined how many valid applications remain. Each of these applications will then be assigned into either Phase 1 (homeowners destroyed or significantly damaged on May 20th) or Phase 2 (homeowners not destroyed or significantly damaged on May 20th). Each application in Phase 1 will then be assigned a number chosen at random by a computer application; then each application in Phase 2 will be assigned a number chosen at random by the computer application. This number will then be the application's number in line.

The first 1,500 applications will then be selected for approval, based upon funding granted by the American Red Cross. These applicants will be sent a contract for signature and return to the City, and upon receipt of the signed contract, will be sent an approval package to begin the purchase of their storm shelter. The approval package will include the approval notification, instructions for the storm shelter purchasing and installation, and a form to complete once the storm shelter is installed.

As additional funding becomes available, additional applications will be selected and processed as above.


Once the applicant receives the approval notification from the City, they then are expected to:

  • Contract with vendor of choice for provision and installation of storm shelter, within 45 days of

    approval notification;

  • Apply for and receive a shelter building permit from City (may be done by vendor);

  • Install their storm shelter, within 1 year of approval/go-ahead letter;

  • Once the storm shelter is installed, request an inspection from the City of Moore;

  • Complete and return the Storm Shelter Completion and Rebate Request form and other requested

    documentation to the City's Storm Shelter Project manager.

All storm shelters must meet or exceed standards as established by FEMA-361, ICC-500, City Code, and/or IBC-2009.

Completion and Rebate Request Form

This form will include:

  • A signed and notarized statement from the storm shelter contractor that the installed storm

    shelter meets or exceeds standards as established by FEMA-361 and/or ICC-500;

  • Signature of a City of Moore building official validating that the final installation has passed


  • A picture of the storm shelter installation;

  • Latitude/longitude information (GPS coordinates) for the door of shelter;

  • A copy of the paid invoice for the storm shelter.

Completion and Rebate

Once a finished and signed Storm Shelter Completion and Rebate Request form is received, the City program manager will:

  • Verify all completion paperwork;

  • Submit any necessary forms and/or funding requests to the appropriate funding agency;

  • Receive monies from funding agency;

  • Cause issuance of rebate check from City to recipient;

  • Deliver check to recipient. The check will be for the amount of the actual cost of the shelter as shown on the paid invoice, up to a maximum rebate of $2,500.

The program manager will also provide funding agencies with status reports as needed and/or requested

Program Completion

The Storm Shelter Rebate program will continue until:

  • All available funds are exhausted; or

  • All valid applications have been serviced.


Those who are NOT eligible for the program include:

  • Apartment complexes, duplexes, and other multi-family residences are not eligible for this


  • Rental properties are not eligible for this program;

  • Secondary residences of a homeowner are not eligible for this program;

  • Persons whose homes within the City of Moore were destroyed by the May 20th tornado, but who

    wish to install a storm shelter at a residence outside of Moore are not eligible for this program.

  • Persons who have already installed a storm shelter are not eligible to have this storm shelter

    covered by this rebate program. Please note an exception for homeowners whose primary

    residence was destroyed in the May 20th, 2013 tornado.

  • Previously installed storm shelters are not eligible for rebate under this program. 

For additional information about this program please email our program director.  EMAIL